I  started Sweeney Todd’s so I could work with a deeply devoted group of people who all strive for the thing; to bring a great hair in a relaxed atmosphere  to Minneapolis.

If you can’t get in to see me, don’t hesitate to schedule with anyone of my co-workers.


I’ve been at here now for 5 years. This is the best crew I’ve ever worked with.

Bobs and Pixies are my wheelhouse and you will not get a better blow out!


Unknown fact: I’m a rockstar trying to make it as a hairdresser.




Hey, Im Britt!

Do you want ridiculously beautiful hair, professionally caressed and turned into a living work of art? I gotcha! Do you want super awesome tendrils of backcombed, crocheted and twisted dreads that will put Bob Marley’s to shame? (Just kidding, he’s amazing, but I’ll be damn close) well then I gotcha there too! In fact, I’ll have your back in any form regarding hair, whether its color, cuts, dreads, extensions(both dreads and regular hair) and facial waxing too. As they say, let your hair hang down — I got the rest!

P.S. Im batman


I’m a Minnesota native, educated at Aveda.

In addition to cutting and coloring, I specialize in dreadlocks.

Unknown fact: Im a special effects make up artist for hire!


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